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Title: how i outsourced my life: cleaning edition. A cartoon woman is leaning over to scrub the floor

How I Outsourced My Life: Cleaning Edition

How I Outsourced My Life: Cleaning Edition C leaning is hard when you are chronically ill and has always been one of my biggest energy drains. Just one small task could land me in bed for a week and the worst thing was I would just be staring at all the mess as it piled […]

You don't have to be disabled and poor but it's more likely

You Don’t Have to Be Disabled and Poor but It’s More Likely

You Don’t Have To Be Disabled And Poor But It’s More Likely W hen it comes to disability and money, there is a tendency to equate disability with poverty. This is mainly caused by the narrative that surrounds disability – that you can’t achieve, you can’t possibly live a life that isn’t just solely based […]