Month: October 2021

  • Getting family and friends to understand you’re disabled

    Getting Family and Friends to Understand You're Disabled


    very body is slightly different and will react to medications in different ways. What works for one person might be a horror show filled with unwanted side effects for someone else and there is no way of knowing until you try the medication

    The problem we have is that most people’s understanding of disability starts and ends with wheelchairs and the idea that this is incredibly tragic. Because your family and friends love you, it means they fight extra hard to protect you from what they believe is a tragedy. But, as many of us in the disabled community know (or I hope we are learning), disability isn’t the suck fest that everyone makes it out to be.

    Yes, there are bad days and things we wish didn’t exist *cough cough ableism cough* but being disabled isn’t something to be ashamed of. For many in our community, identifying as disabled enables us access to the services and support we vitally need.

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  • Feeling confident as a visibly disabled person

    Feeling Confident as a Visabiliy Disabled Person


    here is nothing quite like the first time you go out with a new mobility aid. ⁠It doesn't matter if this is your first time using one or you've just upgraded from one type to another. The questions, stares and insecurities all come flooding in and leave you wondering if you really need it. ⁠For a non-disabled person, this can be hard to imagine, with the idea that only people with obvious limb disabilities require mobility aids still a common attitude.

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  • Why is lived experience so important?

    Why Do I Resent The Healthy People In My Life?


    r, you know, what the hell is it? I have to explain the importance of lived experiences so regularly I feel like every person who reads this blog (particularly those who aren’t in the disabled community themselves) needs to keep passing it on to another person to read until, finally, the whole world just gets why lived experience is so crucial!

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