This Is Not Your Grandma's

This is Not Your Grandma's

Made by Customers

So often compression socks are created by people who don’t wear them and that means they suck.

Not Your Grandma’s compression socks are made by someone who actually wears them!

Breaking Up With Beige

If you wear Compression socks they have loads of benefits.
But I found most uncomfortable, hurt & itchy!
So I designed soft, fun, colourful, sensory friendly compression socks.
Now I want to wear them all day and I hope you do too!
Done with beige, grey & blah socks that are like vice torture?
All the benefits of compression socks whilst showing off your style & comfortable all day.


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Meet our Founder

When I first became sick. compression socks were the only thing that helped me through the day. But trying to wear beige. tight and itchy socks was torture.
Compression has amazing benefits but if you actually wear it.
I am done with boring compression socks. So Not Your Grandma’s was born.
NYG is all about creating fun, colourful and cute compression socks that make you smile.
These are really comfortable and they stay up. I have a fair few pairs from NYG and they’re all great quality, they wash well and stay up
Super comfy and warm with just the right amount of compression (love the design too!). They arrived quickly and nicely packaged. I'm planning to buy another pair soon!

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