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I am on a mission to show the world that disability is anything but boring. That starts with making over mobility devices and ditching the medical grey, for colours that show our true personalities. After all I am disabled and fabulous and my mobility aids should be too. But Not Your Grandma’s is so much more than just a mobility aid business. 

photo of Hannah with her pink leopard print walker smiling at the camera


I'm Hannah, and I believe that disabled people are so much more than what society tells us.

Society has an outdated view of disabled people and I am on mission to change that but it starts with you.

Not Your Grandma’s is a community first and foremost. When I was diagnosed no one told me I was disabled, no one told me how to use mobility aids and no one handed me a guide to handling it all. It was the disability community that saved me and taught me to be proud of my disability and I want that for you too. 

Maybe your newly diagnosed and feeling a bit lost. Maybe you're not but still as confused about how to actually handle all of this.

80% of disabled people aren’t born disabled but become disabled. 

I never knew this but once I heard it clicked with me. I wasn’t failing at being disabled, it’s just no one told me how to be disabled and there wasn’t any real representation of living a happy life with disability.

What you will find here

The Handbook

No one gave me a handbook but I certainly wished one existed so I made my own! Check out the handbook section of the website for an indepth look at living with disability and chronic illness with a helping of humour!


The biggest weapon I found was having a solid community of other chronic illness folx that really got what it was like. They might be all over the world but I knew they always had my back.

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If you join the No Bull Guide to Chronic Illness newsletter you will get tips on how to live your best chronic illness life, the latest disability & chronic illness news and so much more. 


Let everyone know you are part of a community of amazing, talented and fabulous people by purchasing some of our merch from the shop. At the same time you are helping to support the work I do!


There is so much on offer here and I want you to get the most out of your experience so here’s what is on offer

Hannah is a white woman with brown hair. She's sat on her sofa in a red jumpsuit and pushing her hair back with both hands.

Ready to start getting stuck in?


Tired of boring compression socks? Want to show your disabled pride? Here we don’t believe in ugly mobility aids!

The Handbook

Ever wondered why you get fobbed off by doctors so much? Want to know more about disability and sex? Well look no further, we cover it all!


Ever wondered what it’s really like to loose your mobility? Each episode I speak to a different guest about their experience with becoming disabled.