How do you deal with access issues? What makes something accessible? Access is incredibly important to the disabled community. Not because we are being difficult but because everyone deserves access as a basic right.

Here you will find information on how to fight access issues, what makes for good access (and bad) and what access intimacy means.

  • Getting family and friends to understand you’re disabled

    Getting Family and Friends to Understand You're Disabled


    very body is slightly different and will react to medications in different ways. What works for one person might be a horror show filled with unwanted side effects for someone else and there is no way of knowing until you try the medication

    The problem we have is that most people’s understanding of disability starts and ends with wheelchairs and the idea that this is incredibly tragic. Because your family and friends love you, it means they fight extra hard to protect you from what they believe is a tragedy. But, as many of us in the disabled community know (or I hope we are learning), disability isn’t the suck fest that everyone makes it out to be.

    Yes, there are bad days and things we wish didn’t exist *cough cough ableism cough* but being disabled isn’t something to be ashamed of. For many in our community, identifying as disabled enables us access to the services and support we vitally need.

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  • Feeling confident as a visibly disabled person

    Feeling Confident as a Visabiliy Disabled Person


    here is nothing quite like the first time you go out with a new mobility aid. ⁠It doesn't matter if this is your first time using one or you've just upgraded from one type to another. The questions, stares and insecurities all come flooding in and leave you wondering if you really need it. ⁠For a non-disabled person, this can be hard to imagine, with the idea that only people with obvious limb disabilities require mobility aids still a common attitude.

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  • How to create a support system

    How to Create a Support System


    aring for a chronically ill bod is tiring, not to mention expensive, but what if there was a better way? People living with chronic illnesses need access to so many things, in fact you need a team of therapists, physios, occupational therapists, nutritionists and so many more. However, it’s rare we get the chance to have all that and even if you do it’s unlikely everyone in the team really understands chronic illness and disability, which is the key to getting the best care. Finding a specialist who really ‘gets’ what an illness or condition means for everyday living can take months or even years of research, trial and error, and is often an unaffordable expense.

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  • How disability makes you a better employee

    How Disability Makes You A Better Employee


    o really! If you remove the barriers to working, we actually make the best employees, here's why!

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  • Why traditional 9 to 5 doesn’t work when you’re disabled

    Why Traditional 9-5 Doesn't Work When You Are Disabled


    ue to various barriers to entering the workforce, and staying there once you’re in, disabled people are more likely to be unemployed or self-employed. Difficulties in accessing education is a massive part of this, but there are various other barriers to work that disabled people face.

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  • Why disabled people have a rocky history with academia

    Why Disabled People Have A Rocky History With Academia


    nfortunately, when it comes to education, academic institutions often fail even the most basic tests in accessibility. Learning how to make education accessible for students (and educators) with a whole range of disabilities should be an ongoing priority for schools, colleges and universities, but it seems many still have serious lessons to be learnt.

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  • Caption This

    Two angry red cartoon devil's with wings are pointing at a caption that says, 'caption this'
    Caption this


    If you haven’t been watching my stories you won’t yet of seen caption gate. While making my first IGTV video I came up against issues that those from the disabled community always face. Access it seems is something only we care about and massive companies couldn’t give a flying fuck which means that all the labor falls on people who really don’t have the energy for it. 


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