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What it means to have disabled pride

What it means to have disabled pride A lot of people don’t get the importance of disabled pride. They often think we are glorifying something that shouldn’t talk about. Disability isn’t something to hide or feel embarrassed of and you aren’t alone.

Why do the tests keep coming back normal?

Why do the tests keep coming back normal?

Why Do The Tests Keep Coming Back Normal? I magine you’re feeling unwell. You’ve waited and waited, the tests finally come back in and the receptionist cheerfully announces ‘they’re all clear, no follow up needed’. There is nothing more devastating than feeling your body at war with itself only to be told there is nothing […]

Will I ever get better?

Will I ever get better?

Will I Ever Get Better? I f you (or someone you love) are new to chronic illness, or still fighting for a diagnosis, this question has probably crossed your mind more than once. ⁠Even if you are a seasoned pro, that little voice can pipe up at the most inconvenient of times. Sadly, there is […]

Getting friends and family to understand you're disabled

Getting family and friends to understand you’re disabled

Getting Family and Friends to Understand You’re Disabled E very body is slightly different and will react to medications in different ways. What works for one person might be a horror show filled with unwanted side effects for someone else and there is no way of knowing until you try the medication The problem we […]

Feeling confident as a visibly disabled person

Feeling confident as a visibly disabled person

Feeling Confident as a Visabiliy Disabled Person T here is nothing quite like the first time you go out with a new mobility aid. ⁠It doesn’t matter if this is your first time using one or you’ve just upgraded from one type to another. The questions, stares and insecurities all come flooding in and leave […]

Why is lived experience so important

Why is lived experience so important?

Why Do I Resent The Healthy People In My Life? O r, you know, what the hell is it? I have to explain the importance of lived experiences so regularly I feel like every person who reads this blog (particularly those who aren’t in the disabled community themselves) needs to keep passing it on to […]

What is radical acceptance

What is radical acceptance?

What is Radical Acceptance? R adical acceptance sounds like the kind of new-age bull you might want to steer clear of, along with juice cleanses and ‘think yourself better’, but it’s not what you think. Before we talk about what radical acceptance really is, we need to highlight what it definitely isn’t! Radical acceptance is […]

What is medical trauma

What is Medical Trauma?

What is Medical Trauma? M edical trauma is something you hear in the disabled community a lot but rarely do we talk about what counts as medical trauma – and I think you might be surprised to learn how much actually does! **Trigger warning for this post just because of the mention of medical trauma, […]

What are usable hours?

What Are Usable Hours And What Have They Got To Do With Chronic Illness?

What are Usable Hours and What Have They Got To Do With Chronic Illness? U sable hours is a way of explaining how fatigue affects your ability to do things. We all have the same number of hours in a day but for someone with fatigue, they only have a limited number in which they […]