You don't have to be disabled and poor but it's more likely

You Don’t Have to Be Disabled and Poor but It’s More Likely

You Don’t Have To Be Disabled And Poor But It’s More Likely W hen it comes to disability and money, there is a tendency to equate disability with poverty. This is mainly caused by the narrative that surrounds disability – that you can’t achieve, you can’t possibly live a life that isn’t just solely based […]

Social Model Vs Medical Model In Disability, What's the Difference?

Social Model vs Medical Model in Disability – What’s The Difference?

Social Model Vs Medical Model In Disability, What’s The Difference? W hen we look at disability, there are two very different models used, called the medical and social models of disability. The medical model looks at disability as something that needs to be fixed or changed. Disability is seen as a bad thing, even if […]

The Narratives Surrounding Disability

Narrative surrounding disability

The Narratives Surrounding Disability T he media is an incredibly powerful tool and is the shortcut to understanding experiences that are not our own. This is especially true when it comes to disability representation. While this can be a good thing because disabled people are being represented, the issue comes with how we are being […]

What Is Inspiration P*rn?

Not your inspiration!

Not Your Inspiration! I nspiration p⭐rn is a term that was coined in 2012 by disability rights activist Stella Young. This term portrays people with disabilities as inspirational, solely or in part because of their disability and describes how disabled people are often used as motivation for non-disabled people. Stella’s reason for using the term […]

When it comes to chronic illness, why do some people not like the warrior narrative?

When it comes to chronic illness why do some people not like the warrior narrative?

When It Comes To Chronic Illness, Why Do Some People Not Like The Warrior Narrative? W hen we find ourselves in conversations about minor illnesses, even a cold, there is a tendency for people to use the language of war, such as fighting or battling. People with medical conditions are often called “warriors” and under […]

Why wellness culture is toxic for chronic illness

Why wellness culture is toxic for chronic illness

With the wellness industry valued at $3.7 trillion in 2015 and continuing to be on the rise, it can be easy to get sucked into the latest wellness trends and crazes. Many are jumping on the wellness bandwagon and while this may seem like a positive thing, it is not so positive when it comes […]

What is the difference between identity first and person first language

What’s the difference between person first and identity first language?

Who knew that as an individual with a disability, it’s our responsibility, to guide non-disabled people as to our choice of language to use about ourselves?  I knew there were going to be a lot of adjustments when I became chronically ill but I really didn’t anticipate this one!  The dehumanisation of the disabled has […]

The Data Gap That’s Killing Us

We all know about the gender pay gap but how much do you know about the data gap?  In science the white straight male is used as the ‘average’ human. He’s the reason why supermarket shelves are built too tall for most people or why in a car accident you are 47% more likely to […]

Episode 4 – Ableism

What is ableism and how does it apply to me? This weeks guest, Nina from @Nina_Tame talks all things ableism. From how we deal with it while out and about to unpacking internalised ableism and the work we have to do when we first become disabled.