Friends, family and lovers, relationships can be difficult to navigate when you are chronically ill and disabled. Setting boundaries and getting people to respect them can feel incredibly vulnerable and sometimes communication breaks down and resentment sets in. But don’t worry boo, we’ve got your back.

Here you will be able to learn about setting boundaries, navigating the carer relationship dynamic and so much more.

  • Getting family and friends to understand you’re disabled


    This is a tough one. Not only do disabled people have to do the work to get over internalised ableism and accept that yes, we are actually disabled, but we have to break it to everyone else in our lives too.

    Cue the litany of “but you’re not like real disabled”, “you’re not disabled” and, my personal favourite, “you shouldn’t call yourself that”.


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  • What is Emotional Labour

    Why disabled people have a rocky history with academia

    Unfortunately, when it comes to education, academic institutions often fail even the most basic tests in accessibility. Learning how to make education accessible for students (and educators) with a whole range of disabilities should be an ongoing priority for schools, colleges and universities, but it seems many still have serious lessons to be learnt.


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  • The Handi Book of Love, Lust and Disability

    the handi book of love, lust and disability
    The Handi Book of love, lust and disability


    Ok so I have never really talked about sex on my page but it’s something I want to open up the discussion of

    I had the privilege for a long time of being able to pass as non disabled but once I started to use mobility aids it was then that I found that people stopped flirting. They stopped calling me gorgeous or sexy and instead I became inspiring and brave

    The thing is I was still me. I like to flirt, I like to dress up in a sexy outfit and take way too many selfies. ⁠


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