Tips & Hacks

Ever felt like you need a list of tips and hacks on how to live your best disabled life? Don’t worry we’ve got you, disability and chronic illness wisdom right at your finger tips. No need to go through the trial and error phase, we’ve done it for you.

  • Finding quality of life in chronic illness


    Life with a chronic illness can sometimes feel like work/sleep/clean – repeat indefinitely.

    It’s sometimes as if all the fun is sucked out of life because of fatigue and limited energy, but what if I told you doing things just because they make you happy is allowed too? What if I told you, it’s not only possible, it can actually be beneficial to step away from the cleaning, let the house get a little messier and spend some time on yourself instead?


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  • What is radical acceptance?

    What is radical acceptance


    Radical acceptance sounds like the kind of new-age bull you might want to steer clear of, along with juice cleanses and ‘think yourself better’, but it’s not what you think.

    Before we talk about what radical acceptance really is, we need to highlight what it definitely isn’t!

    Radical acceptance is not approval of a situation. Just because you are accepting a situation for what it is, it does not mean that you think it’s good or right. It just means you are aware you can’t change it.

    Radical acceptance, at its core, is about recognising what we can and can’t control in our lives. There are some things, like whether or not you become sick, you don’t get a say in. It’s about finding a way to live with that situation as peacefully as possible.

    For many chronically ill people it can be hard, particularly when first diagnosed, to accept the challenges and limitations a chronic diagnosis can bring. Sometimes, it can feel that the negatives outweigh all the positives in our daily lives. Radical acceptance is one way to help balance the complexity of feelings chronic illnesses and disability can bring.


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  • How to create a support system


    Caring for a chronically ill bod is tiring, not to mention expensive, but what if there was a better way?

    People living with chronic illnesses need access to so many things, in fact you need a team of therapists, physios, occupational therapists, nutritionists and so many more. However, it’s rare we get the chance to have all that and even if you do it’s unlikely everyone in the team really understands chronic illness and disability, which is the key to getting the best care.

    Finding a specialist who really ‘gets’ what an illness or condition means for everyday living can take months or even years of research, trial and error, and is often an unaffordable expense.


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  • How I Outsourced My Life: Cleaning Edition

    Cleaning is hard when you are chronically ill and has always been one of my biggest energy drains.

    Just one small task could land me in bed for a week and the worst thing was I would just be staring at all the mess as it piled up.

    I decided enough was enough and there had to be an easier way, which led me to learn some new tricks to keep on top of cleaning.

    In my latest Instagram post and newsletter, I mentioned that I’d be doing an in-depth review here on my blog, of all the products and tools I use with links to where to buy them.

    So read on to find out how to make cleaning more manageable!


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  • Walker Makeover

    walker makeover
    Boring mobility aids should be a thing of the past! One of the first things I did when I got my walker was to pimp it but what I didn’t realise was what a difference it would make in the way people treated me. Instead of the awkward ‘what happened?’ they instead just complimented me on my style and then talked to me like any other person which honestly was amazing.
    So here’s how to pimp your own ride!
    A black ugly looking walker (before hannah painted it)
    Hannah's leopard print and bubble gum pink walker




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