Come one, come all making your business more accessible

Disability is anything but boring so why should learning about it be? Come join me for an evening of fun and honest conversation.

It’s important to make space for your disabled customers, especially as statistics show that 22% of UK shoppers are disabled but 75% have left a store or website due to poor service or accessiblity issues

But let’s be honest, making your business accessible for disabled people can feel overwhelming at times. Especially if you are a small business.

The fear of getting it wrong is real and often it’s hard to know where to start.

That’s why learning how to be accessible from a disabled person is an important step in the right direction.

What you will learn

What actually counts as a disability (spoiler alert it’s more than just someone in a wheelchair)

What access really means

How to create an access friendly environment in both your online and offline business

How to talk about access requirements with your disabled customers (and how not to!)

Specific steps to take to make your business immediately more accessible.

Free tools and software that you can use to create access

Creating an accessible business doesn’t have to be hard or expensive so let’s make a pledge to be more accessible today and you can do that by buying your ticket now!

If you are unable to attend the event at the scheduled time, a recording of the session will be sent out after the workshop.

Buy your ticket now!