No really!

If you remove the barriers to working, we actually make the best employees, here’s why!

Higher retention rate

Once we are in the door, we are far more loyal. A lot of this is down to the fact that so few employers make the changes needed for disabled workers that if a business does make the effort, we stick around. Also, adjusting to a new commute, new schedules and new colleagues can be emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting, so if we can find a workplace and team we’re happy with we tend to be a committed bunch.

Finding a job that suits your disabilities is invaluable, so yeah, if we like the job we’re there for the long run!

Bigger talent pool

Loads of us are highly skilled, it’s just that employers don’t always see past the disability aspect (and the changes needed to accommodate us) so they ignore that there are so many of us with literally heaps of talent! And it’s not just formal qualifications too, the disabled community is a crafty bunch with a wide range of hobbies that can translate into skills for work too. Looking at the whole employee will reveal a range of talents more narrow minded employers will be missing out on.

Greater efficiency

If you have lived a life where your very existence is neither thought of nor catered to, you get extremely good at swiftly resolving issues and thinking outside the box. Creative problem solving is just everyday life for the disabled community, and it’s another valuable transferable skill. We have to know the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to manage tasks to save ourselves energy and time, while avoiding duplicating labour. This ability to assess a situation and swiftly determine the most efficient way to manage it can benefit the whole team by progressing projects in a smarter way.

Market reach

Most businesses don’t cater to disabled customers and by doing so they miss a massive opportunity. By having someone on your team who is disabled you will be able to tap into this market far more authentically. A diverse workforce will better reflect the reality of a diverse population, instantly opening the customer base up. If you only have people on your team who look the same, with similar backgrounds and similar abilities, you will only have a limited range of input and opinions that are likely to just mirror each other. Diversity of people instantly brings diverse viewpoints and perspectives – an invaluable resource.

Diversity equals success

These are just some of the perks to hiring disabled people that research has shown (no, it’s not just me singing the praises of disability but cold hard facts!)

All of which can make a massive, long-term difference to the success of a business.

So yes, at first you may have to make adjustments to include disabled employees but once you do, you can reap the rewards.