Ever wished that you could have a chronic illness fairy godmother?

a fairy godmother in a green dress is saying 'look I know I've been asleep on the job a bit but i'm here now"

Caring for a chronically ill bod is tiring, not to mention expensive but what if there was a better way?

To really thrive with chronic illness you need access to so many things, in fact you need a team of: therapists, physios, occupational therapists, nutritionists and so many more but rarely do we get the chance to have that and even if you do it’s unlikely they really understand chronic illness and disability which is key to getting the best care.

What if I told you there was a way you could have all of this, from the comfort of your own home and for only £30 a month?

As I’ve navigated my way through chronic illness I have had the privilege to have access to some amazing support and what’s even better is these people are all from the community just like you and me. Which means when I see them, they already understand the challenges that I face and are in the best position to help guide me through that.
I know often all of this help is not financially possible for everyone but what I realised is that if we group together there is a way we can all access this at an affordable price point SO I am starting a membership for the community where you will get:
  • Bi-weeky group therapy sessions with a therapist who works closely with patients with chronic illness
  • Bi- weekly physio sessions with a well known chronically ill physio (although some of you may be able to already guess who this is!)
  • Talks from other professionals including nutrition. occupational health, migraines and so much more.
  • Monthly talks from community members on planning, sex and disabilty, disabled pride, working through internalised ableism
  • A whole network of other chronically ill members who just get what you are living through.

If all that doesn’t sound good enough it’s only going to cost you £30 a month to join. So if you are interested sign up to the waitlist below and I will let you be the first to know when doors open.