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Great socks these are comfy!

So glad I found NYG! When my cardiologist told me I had to wear compression socks to help with my POTS symptoms I was dreading wearing the ugly black stockings I remember my Nana wearing. Then I found NYG and all the fun patterns are the sorts of things I would choose on my normal socks! The bonus of the dinosaur socks? My kids LOVE them and keep asking me to show them when I’m wearing them so they can find their favourite dinosaurs. They’re also super comfy. I was worried they’d feel to tight and constrictive (I hate tight clothing) but they’re really comfortable!

Space Compression Socks
Rita Harding-Williams
Best socks so far

Great quality the designs are fun they fit well


Not only do these socks look so cool, but they fit my size 8AA feet perfectly and hug my legs so well. I found they did relieve the pain and were comfortable all day.

amazing socks!

I have varicose vains any my legs always feel swollen and uncomfortable during the flights or a long train journey. I used these socks last week for a long flight and my feet and legs felt amazing during and after the flight! Lovely design and a good quality. I have already recommended them to my friend!

Really comfy

Have wore them all this week at work and noticed a difference in my legs throughout the week. Just enough compression without digging into your leg. Highly recommend and have already told colleagues

Perfect compression

I got these for my mum who needs compression on a healing wound and she could not get on with the nasty nylon things the hospital provided. These are jolly, comfy and do the job. I only wish they were just a little longer to cover the knee to avoid the champagne bottle effect that happens when you carry water in your tissues. But otherwise, they are great.


I'm 17 years old with EDS and POTS, with low blood pressure, which these socks have really helped with. They are such good quality and really comfortable, which I was worried about since I typically have sensory issues regarding the seams of my socks. Since I'm young, I really didn't want boring compression socks, especially since I'm fed up of wearing ugly joint supports. So I'm really grateful these socks exist. They look so stylish!! Will definitely be buying more in the future!

Great socks

Very comfy to wear and look great!

Heart Compression Socks
deenagifford25@gmail.com Gifford

Lovely socks when you get them on

Astrology Compression Socks
deenagifford25@gmail.com Gifford

Lovely socks when you get them on

Really like these! Great for chronic illness

I have an energy limiting condition so spend a lot of time sitting or lying down. I’ve found these really helpful and good for tired legs and circulation. Definitely help my legs to ache less. Also such a fun pattern!

Cute Design!

These are great, a cute design and very comfortable to wear.

Love Them!

Ordered my first pair and I love them. They arrived really quickly, the pattern is super cute and they are soooo comfy! Will definitely be ordering more!

Brilliant Compression Socks!

Been buying from NYG for a few years (previously bought the space socks), and this newer design is just as brilliant as the rest. They are comfy to wear and have a lovely soft fabric. They really help me to manage my POTs day to day, which is the reason I buy them. Sensory-wise, they cause minimal issues (I am autistic) - I can happily wear them for a whole day with no issues. Personally I find them particularly useful to wear in the summer when my POTs flares up, and don't find them making me too hot. Love this design, too!

Adorable helper for sore legs

I have fibromyalgia, and these socks are now part of my toolkit for when I'm sore, stiff and tired. The cute design helps to cheer me up on bad days too!

Organ Compression Socks
Sandra Mullin MBE
Compression socks

Not impressed could not get up to my knees too tight😢

Now I need them for every day of the week

These are amazing, absolutely a game changer when it comes to standing or walking for any length of time. I can tell the difference on days I don't wear them and I think I need to buy a pair for every day of the week! I've got EDS and varicose veins and these socks really do make it so much easier to stand without pain.
I've also had so many compliments on them and at least 2 of my friends rushed to buy their own. They are ultra soft and don't go all bunchy around your toes in your shoes which is my biggest pain with socks.
I could live in these socks and be very happy forever!

Lovely socks

Cute design and good quality material

Happy nurse!

Ive been struggling with plantar fasciitis and am a nurse, on my feet all day. These socks have reduced the pain and swelling at the end of a day and are nice and comfy. Thankyou!

Space Compression Socks
Michelle Giddings
Out of this world

Perfect length and great support I have 3 pairs and the wash so well and just brilliant I wear for about 8 hours a day not restrictive or un comfortable and bonus they aren’t ugly

Floral Compression Socks
Michelle Giddings

Leg pain is reduced so much with these. Perfect addition


The socks came very quickly 😊
They are the softest most comfortable socks I have worn for a very long shift at work.
I have no aching legs or feet at the end of the day.

So pretty

Really good quality fabric and such a pretty pattern, so proud to show them off.

Amazing and comfortable socks

I’ve recently needed to look into compression socks, and found some of the ones you can get online and in pharmacies etc were just not comfortable/ itchy material. I saw an ad for these socks and immediately I was drawn in! The options of colours and styles was a great bonus but the comfortable breathable material is what makes these socks the best purchase I could have made. If there’s compression tights in the works I’d be all in! (Funky and neutral colours)

Lips Compression Socks
Claire Brewis
Super comfy

Super comfy, nice and soft. Only reason for a 4 star is they are ever so slightly too long on me. I have overcome this by folding them over a little at the top.