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Fun socks but too short

I love the design of these socks but they are sadly too short for my legs. Hoping for a longer length version in futures

organ compression socks

i love them !!! really helpful for managing my chronic pain symptoms whilst at work 🙂

Space Compression Socks
Jacqueline Ryan
Great socks but too short

I love the pattern on these but sadly they are just too short for my legs. They only came half way up my calf which didn’t provide enough compression for my needs. It would be great if there was a long/tall option for people with longer legs as I need socks that come up to just below my knee. Sadly I’ll have to go back to buying ugly compression socks for now and I’ll be hoping that a long length is released in future.

Doctors Appointment Notebook
Ísabella Leifsdóttir
This is what I didn't know I needed

I love everything from Not your grandmas, but this is brilliant! I use a Filofax and this is the perfect size for a classic A5 Filofax. I've bought some notebook pages from NYG before, the TRY and DO list notebook and love that too. Grab that one too if it's available 🙂


The best compression socks I've worn,love the designs and service was prompt.

Space Compression Socks
Pauline Castres

Space Compression Socks

Butterfly Compression Socks
Ione Milner-Gulland
Very fun and does the trick

I love the design of the socks, and the compression definitely works to help reduce some of my orthostatic intolerance. It actually felt like magic when I first put them on. However, my feet are pretty small (UK size 4) and the socks are too big around the foot. I think the compression would be even better if the sock was tight around my foot and ankle. Wish there were size options! But other than that they're great.

Post c section- Fab!

Bought these for my pal who was wearing compression socks post c section. She says they are very comfy, look cute and did trick to reduce swelling! She going to wear them for everyday Cos they are so nice and soft

Organ Compression Socks
Pauline Castres

Organ Compression Socks

Space Compression Socks
Jeanette Leith
Space compression socks

Nice product main problem when ordering not able to choose size required , unfortunately only came mid calf, so not supportive or as comfortable as l needed


My 20 y/o daughter had ordered other socks from Not Your Grandma's and absolutely loves them, so requested more for her birthday. She loves that they're not so tight that they cut off circulation like some others have done, that they're comfortably knee high for her (she's 4'11", and often knee-length items go several inches above her knees) and most importantly, they're cute! Thanks for an awesome product!

So happy with my socks!

I use compression socks to help with my POTS symptoms, but I also adore wearing bright colours and patterns. These socks are fantastic, so cute and vibrant, and the compression is great. Will definitely be purchasing from NYG more in the future 😊


I love my Space Compression socks, very comfy and soft, nice colour and design, and I feel like they have helped some of my POTS symptoms.

Unicorn Compression Socks

Perfect for both my mum and I

Super soft and comfy socks that stay up all day! They are just enough compression to be helpful without feeling restricting. I am a size 3.5 shoe so the heel sits a little higher than where it’s supposed to be but not by much. My mum is a size 5 shoe and they fit her perfectly. Love all the different design choices and that they can go in the washing machine.

Fit wide calves!

I absolutely love the design of these compression socks, so much so I ordered two pairs and just hoped to one-size-fits-all would fit my wide calves. I'm a size 22 student nurse, so on placement I am on my feet for 12 hours solid. Whilst I fortunately don't suffer with pain, my legs and ankles so swell and my feet get tired by the end of the shift. These compression socks are fab! They not only fit well, but they don't slip down and they're not too tight! The difference in how my legs felt by the end of the shift was noticeable! I can't wait to buy more!

Cat Compression Socks
Celia Gevaert
Perfect, as always

I love these and they get a lot of compliments from friends and colleagues ^^

Socks great

Socks are great would be even better if they came in 2 sizes would have preferred these a little bigger. Would also like to see darker designs as I think men would love these

Top Socks

Absolutely love them.......I would highly recommend this quality item.

They are great socks. Teenage daughter loves them. A little pricey as my daughter needs a pair daily. The price probably reflects the quality though to be fair

Comfy, super cute and they work!

I've only tried them a couple of times but these are my first pair of compression socks and I'm loving them! It definitely reduces the blood pooling and swelling in my legs and makes them feel a lot better! They're also super cute

Great service

Timely delivery & beautifully packaged. Socks are a gift. Thank you!

Organ Compression Socks
Emily Anderson
Love these!

These socks are amazing! I’m a nurse and work 13+ hour shifts and these keep my feet from getting sore! We love having fun socks at work, so these got a great laugh too. So cute and comfortable! I live in the US and got them so much sooner than I expected.

Great value

A great way to get a week’s worth of compression socks which are as comfy as they are cute.

Very fast service, great socks thankyou