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I love them!

So comfy

Just had hip surgery as a fairly young person (29) and wanted to get comfy compression socks that actually look cute and I was not disappointed. I absolutely love how cute they are and they reassure me I won’t get a blood clot and help when I get a POTS flare so I’m definitely going to buy more when these pairs run down.

Lovely design but fall down

These socks are too short and fall down. It's a shame because the designs are lovely. I don't have "wide" legs and I'm not super tall (5'8") so I don't understand why they are so small. Because they are mid calf, they don't provide the compression needed.

Butterfly Compression Socks
Sheila Christian-Brookes
Butterfly Compression Socks

Lovely bright colours, very comfortable fit. Super!


Beautiful design and are so comfortable to wear, love these

Super comfortable!

Love them, probably the most comfortable socks ive ever owned 😀


Not your ordinary compression tights.
These do the job whilst giving that little bit extra funk


So I’m two weeks in..I’m a busy hairdresser with a busy home life spend average of 15 hours a day on my feet..my legs are swollen and achy by the end of the day.my feet are swollen and so sore..these compression soaks are amazing..really funky too..feet are not swollen legs not achy..just ordered me second pair..

Life Changing

These socks have changed my life. My right foot & lower leg, for an unknown reason, regularly go dead with pins & needles, usually in the evening & it can last a couple of hours. It is very uncomfortable. Since using these socks, it doesn't happen. I'm only 31, so was a bit embarrassed to try them out, but they are really pretty, high quality, soft & very comfortable, you'd never guess that they were compression socks. I've washed them a few times on a 30 & a 40 degree wash, they've come out perfect every time. I have two pairs so far & will definitely buy more in the future.

Love them!

I’m a nurse and I either sit at a desk for numerous hours or do a lot of standing. My legs often ache when I get home so I thought I’d give these a try and they work! My legs don’t seem to ache after a long day anymore. The patterns and designs are fantastic too!

Amazing socks

I love my socks! Super cute and fun design and the compression level is perfect. Delivery was fast and the socks are very soft. Will be buying more.

Floral Compression Socks
samantha Edwards
Compression socks

Excellent socks have really helped not only my circulation but eased a injury in the knee given me more support.
I'm on my feet all day and I walk a lot these have really helped I have five pairs now I love the funky colours.

Slightly disappointed

This is my 2nd pair and I love my first pair, however these don't fit the same, they seem shorter and slip down frequently. They have been like this from the first wear and I don't quite understand why since the first pair fit so perfectly

Gorgeous and soo comfy!!

It didn’t even feel tight, just like normal socks! Super comfy , love the colours too 🥰

Great socks, very comfortable. Fit well, and not too long. Would definitely recommend


Got these for work as I work 9hr shifts on my feet all day. These have decreased the amount of cramps and aches I used to get all night xxxx life saver xxxx

Great socks, poor sizing

One star for being a pair of socks and a second star for the neurodivergent friendly feel.

I am a size UK13 (men’s) the socks are advertised to fit this size.

I would have expected them to fit.

The socks do stretch but it’s pushing them to the max and the simple recoil down the leg to a normal pair of crew length socks.

I am 6’5” and probably have a longer than average leg length.

My calf diameter is average.

Lovely socks and I would recommend to for average sized folks but there is no way they can provide compression for longer limbed or taller people with big feet.

On the positive side, the comfort for sensitivities is really noticeable.

But sadly I have to keep an expensive pair socks that I feel I was mis lead to buy and they are an expensive pair of normal socks when I wanted compression socks.

Cat Compression Socks
Claire Farrar
Cat Compression Stockings

Beautiful socks, lovely quality. Bought for a young friend with mobility issues and didn't want the boring old compression socks. She loves them 💕

Stylish and comfortable

Not only are these socks fun to wear, they are comfortable, too. All too often, compression socks are so tight, you’re in more pain by the end of the day. Not with these beauties—and even the husband thinks they’re cute.


Bought them for my son's fiancé. She loves them

Great quality and designs

Great socks, bought as a present for a nurse, would highly recommend these 🙂

Comfy and Cute

Great socks, would recommend.

Magic Compression Socks

Having previously bought a different pair (unicorn socks), it was a no brainer to purchase another pair in a different design. Quality product, excellent service.

Space Compression Socks
Olivia Scott-Berry

I got these socks because of their cool designs so it was a bonus that they are so sensory friendly for me as an autistic person and that they feel really great! I’ve bought five and will be looking out for more designs!


Very nice socks help legs could be abit longer