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Episode 4 – Ableism

What is ableism and how does it apply to me? This weeks guest, Nina from @Nina_Tame talks all things ableism. From how we deal with it while out and about to unpacking internalised ableism and the work we have to do when we first become disabled.

Episode 3 – Working

When do you tell your boss your sick? How do you even fit in working with a chronic illness? This weeks guest Jameisha from @youlookoktome talks all things working and disability. From asking for accommodations and the guilt that can come from that, we cover it all.

Episode 2 – Community

At one point or another we’ve all taken to the internet to find out more about being disabled but how do you find the right community for you? Eva from the Instagram account @wheely_good_time talks with us about her experiences of becoming disabled and fall the things they forget to tell you, like how to […]

Episode 1 – Fitness

Ever wondered how you really fit exercise into chronic illness? Spoiler alert it’s not as easy as doctor’s make it out to be. This week’s guest Ali Hemsley gives us the low down on what it’s really like going from bed bound to gym bound. We also delve deep into what it’s like loosing your […]

Podcast – Episode 1 – Transcript

Intro Song I may not look like I’m sick or I might have to use a walking stick but regardless of where you think I should fit fuck your ableism. Hannah Hoskins Hello and welcome to another episode of Am I Disabled Now? A Not Your Grandma’s podcast. I recorded these episodes prior to the […]