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Compression socks can help give you better circulation and less pain or light headedness when standing but most of them come in boring beige or medical grey. So we lauched a line of socks you would actually want to wear!

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Tired of boring beige and blah grey compression socks? Want to actually wear them as well as them helping with your circulation and pain? You’ve come to the right place.

Compression socks can help with your circulation, they compress the blood vessels in your legs which in turn helps the blood to flow more easily around your body. It means you don’t feel light-headed going from a lying down position to standing. Having better blood flow also reduces pain and swelling and can even help you when standing for long periods.

Our socks are light compression at 15-20MMHG which means you still get that sweet, sweet compression without feeling like you’ve stuck your leg in a vice. These also work for those of us with chunkier calves as they gently stretch to accommodate. They are also super soft and fit easily under AFO’s.

UK shoe size: 3-9

Our socks are: 97% Nylon 3% Spandex

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