the handi book of love, lust and disability
The Handi Book of love, lust and disability
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Ok so I have never really talked about sex on my page but it’s something I want to open up the discussion of

I had the privilege for a long time of being able to pass as non disabled but once I started to use mobility aids it was then that I found that people stopped flirting. They stopped calling me gorgeous or sexy and instead I became inspiring and brave

The thing is I was still me. I like to flirt, I like to dress up in a sexy outfit and take way too many selfies. ⁠

Using a mobility aid shouldn’t stop us from feeling ourselves. Yet society see’s disabled people as completely non sexual beings and that’s not right. The only way we break down these barriers is by being open with our experiences and showing them that we are sexy and disabled (and those two things go wonderfully together!) 

I had the great pleasure of taking part in The Handi Book of Love, Lust and Disability. It’s packed full of all your favourite disabled creators talking all things sex and disability. It shows the wonderful spectrum of what sex can mean and is incredibly empowering. 

What’s even better is the money raised from the book is being put back into Hadi’s first line of disability friendly sex toys, made by disabled people for disabled people. And that my friends is music to my ears and I am so excited to this develop. 

If you want to grab a copy, it comes in three formats hardcover book, audio book and digital download so it’s as accessible as can be! Follow the link below to get yours!